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Karma, convenient excuse or a beacon of light?

   Dashboard Karma, convenient excuse or a beacon of light? Self-transformation is arduous work, especially at first; but each tiny change brings with it the joyful awareness that your life is gradually becoming a force for peaceful change.” Karma is an expression used to rationalize everything from why one’s life…
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The Kural – Changing the Axis of Life

Ram Sriram Recently, The Hindu newspaper published an article about the renowned Tamil scholar, Thiruvachagamani Balasuramaniam and his conversation with the former President of India, Saravepalli Dr. S. Radhakrishan, during an event at the Chennai Kapali temple in 1961. Impressed by Thiru Balasubramaniam’s speech on Periyapuranam at the event, Dr.…
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Shades of grey

By Venkat Ramanan One of the features of consciousness, according to the integrated information theroy proposed by neuroscientists, Christof Koch and Giuloio Tononi , is that it is highly informative. When you perceive something, your brain rules out a number of other possible images. Even after awakening in a dark…
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