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Culture   Mythology – Historical Facts or Metaphorical Truths?

   According to Hindu mythology, Anjaneya flew over a sea; Ravana had ten heads and Vamana, the dwarf-avatar of Vishnu, measured the entire universe with his feet. How believable are these mythological stories and how relevant are they in today’s world of logical thinking and scientific advancements? If the stories…
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Is religion necessary?

Scientists believe that the universe is a physical phenomenon - with a natural order that could be understood through observation and reasoning. A few scientists also assert that God had nothing to do with the creation or the order of the universe (The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking, University of…
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Is Gita a story of War?

The Diplomat magazine recently wrote an article on Steve Bannon, advisor to Donald Trump. Bannon, it appears, is an ardent believer in the teachings of the Bhagawad Gita because it supports an apocalyptic world view where, when there is an existential clash among races and religions, one must engage in…
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Are Mythologies Relevant Today?

With the advancement of science, many individuals have become disillusioned with religion and mythology. Skeptics, particularly in the West, who now characterize religion and mythology as fiction and falsehood, are growing. In the age of science, they say, objective evidence and rational analyses - implying scientific findings only must count…
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A Secular Flagellum

By Venkat Ramanan Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela liken evolution, in their book, “The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding”, to a sculptor with wanderlust: the sculptor collects a stray thread here, a piece of wood there.“ And so, as he wanders about, intricate forms are being…
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